CORISAV is a registered full service engineering company headed by professional engineers seeking to provide construction planning and management services, geotechnical engineering, structural engineering and non-destructive investigation.

Our engineers bring passion and enthusiasm to every project to deliver quality and the overall customer experience with integrity. By utilizing high level engineering principles and codes, best practice, and project management techniques we provide our clients with the best services to safeguard their lives and investments. CORISAV ensures that we provide our client with creative and sustainable solutions that that are designed and built to last with limited maintenance costs. 

Our engineers possess advanced engineering degrees and come with years of experience in engineering research, construction, engineering design and field testing.

Our Technical Team

Our team comprises of skilled engineers, a talented architecture and drafting team, with a wide variety of experience in a range of areas including residential, industrial, health centers, tourism sites, water and sewerage, drainage and commercial projects.


CORISAV engages the services of other trusted technical professionals on various projects to provide timely and full service deliverables. We have had excellent results subcontracting experienced architects, draftsmen, quantity surveyors and land surveyors who abide with our company’s quality standards. 

Our Projects Include:

We have obtained our initial clients due to the professional reputation of our engineers in industry. Our satisfied customers have referred CORISAV to others and therefore CORISAV is currently being engaged for several projects.

our clients include: