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Quilla, the moonlight, had sex with his bird sis, Jilucu

Quilla, the moonlight, had sex with his bird sis, Jilucu

In the past, before there had been any Incas, the world is actually populous, but the ocean bankrupt out-of its bounds, the fresh home try secured, and anyone perished. Particular claim that some individuals lasted on the caverns away from the highest slopes. Someone else claim that just half dozen anybody survived towards the a float. [Frazer, pp. 271-272]

From the day the latest juice turned ebony, and you can Jilucu watched you to definitely their mate try the latest moon

1 month before ton emerged, the newest sheep exhibited far sadness, watching the brand new stars in the evening rather than eating. Its shepherd requested exactly what annoyed them, and so they advised your your conjunction out of celebrities foretold this new depletion around the world by-water. This new shepherd with his six college students gathered all food and sheep they may and got these to the top of new really significant hill Ancasmarca. While the flooding drinking water rose, the latest mountain flower higher, so their ideal is actually never ever submerged, additionally the hill afterwards sank to your drinking water. Brand new half dozen pupils repopulated the state after the flooding. [Frazer, pp. 270-271]

Out of this commitment appeared new celebs, due to the fact some one.